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Virtual Office in Delaware

Run your business any where in the world with a Virtual Office

We understand the need for flexibility when growing your business. We also understand the need to project the highest level of professionalism and allow you to focus on your business.

Recently, we have negotiated a contract with a Virtual Office also located in downtown, Wilmington Delaware to provide our clients an opportunity to meet expanding requirements to run their business.

After carefully researching the needs of our clients, we noticed that some new businesses require a working address to operate their Delaware business. Although we include mail forwarding  as part of our registered agent fee it is limited to First Class Mail. Lately with so many businesses operating online either as an internet store or a consulting firm many of our clients require an "operational" mailing address for invoicing and other business needs. 

Some entrepreneurs working with large organizations like Amazon, eBay et al require a unique address for different corporations they own. With our Virtual Office package, we offer a number of different suite numbers individually designed for each new business. 

Global Corporate Services Offers Four Delaware Virtual Office Packages


Business Address. For clients that DO NOT want to receive mail – initial cost will be $375.


Business Address w/ Mail Forward Option. For clients that "DO" want to receive mail. Initial cost will be $425 prepaid. You will have  to provide a UPS, USPS  or FEDEX account number.

Renewal fee would be $425 prepaid.


Business Phone Number. For clients, that want just a phone number with voicemail to email. Initial cost will be $425 prepaid.

Renewal fee would be $425 prepaid. No address provided.

Option 4

Full Service. Includes Address, Mail, Phone Answering. For clients that want a phone with reception and voicemail to email. Initial cost would be $1375 prepaid.

Renewal fee would be $1375 prepaid

The Virtual Office Package Offers All Or Part Of The Following Services

Full First-Class Workspace

Corporate Address

Telephone Answering Service

Services with a computerized message that will answer the phone with your Business Name

Services with a live person taking a Message

Mail Forwarding Service includes all types of mail including packages forwarded to your new address. (Client provides a UPS, USPS or FEDEX account number.)

A Check Deposit for Up to 10 checks deposited at a cost of $18 per deposit is required

Type of Virtual Office Service

Yearly Fee

Option Address Only

(1). Address only. No mail forwarding


(2). Address with monthly mail forwarding. Courier number provided by client


Option Telephone Answering Services Only

(3). Telephone only. VoiceMail (VM) to eMail. No live voice


(4). Telephone only. Telephone Live Reception (Mon-Fri 8am to 4:45pm) & VoiceMail to eMail


Select any combination of Services e.g.


(1). Address +  (3). Telephone (VM)


(1). Address +  (4) Telephone Voice Reception


(2). Address with monthly mail + (3). Telephone (VM)


(2). Address with monthly mail +
(4). Telephone Voice Reception


Rent a Conference Rental

$25 per hour.

Credit card payment required at time of booking. Conference rooms are available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm